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Consuming Financial News: Does it Really Matter for Long-Term Investing?

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When I first started my investing journey, I figured keeping myself well informed on the daily financial news was a must. So naturally, I started reading The Edge Markets, The Star Business, and listening to BFM radio. However, I realized consuming too much financial news is bad or pretty much useless for long-term investing as …

Risk: Foreign Currency Effects on Foreign Investments Return

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Below is my StashAway investment return on Friday, 23rd July 2021 denominated in US Dollars (USD). Total Investments (USD): $218.20Total Returns (USD)        :    -$2.61Current Value (USD)       : $215.59 As shown above, I’m currently making a loss of -$2.61 🙁 but what about my returns denominated in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)? Total Investments (MYR): RM901.00Total …

How StashAway Diversify and Hedge Their Investments

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I was first introduced to StashAway a few years ago by a friend residing in Singapore. I looked them up online and realized it was a “Robo-advisor” platform. Back then, I was skeptical of these Robo platforms. I remember reading a particular article that stated nearly 80% of “Robo investment” platforms in North America ended …

Choosing Either Monthly Or Lump-Sum Investment

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In my previous post, I shared how lump-sum and monthly recurring investments can produce different returns. In this post, I will explore further but this time I will flip the chart (as shown below) to simulate a market downtrend scenario. Negative Investment Returns As expected, the returns will be in negative territory. But do notice …

Different Returns for Monthly and Lump-Sum Investment

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I decided to perform a monthly recurring investment worth RM100 into each of the below two funds since 8th April 2020. I’ll share my reason for investing in these funds in the below section too. Fund Names 1. Public e-Asia Pacific REITs Flexi Fund (PeAPREITF)2. Public e-Islamic Sustainable Millennium Fund (PeISMF) Reason A form of …

Moratorium: Everything I’m Annoyed About It

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Good and bad is relative. Since the future is unknown, no one knows how this moratorium will affect us. If I lose my income in these coming months, then this moratorium can be a blessing. However, if I manage to sustain my income, then I may have the “opportunity” to save money but will there …