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Spending – From a Time Perspective

Recently I was reading Naked Economics, authored by Charles Wheelan. On page 202, the author shared the below quote that got me thinking how spending can be measured from a time perspective. “Making money takes time, so when we shop, we’re really spending time. The real cost of living isn’t measured in dollars and cents […]

My Lingham’s Sauce Theory

This universe is finite, its resources, finite. Thanos – The Avengers: Infinity War If there is one thing I’ve learned from my economics studies, it’s that resources are scarce. Take water as an example. Whenever SYABAS comes up with a water disruption notice, we immediately go into saving mode. Households will start storing water excessively, […]

Where is my Ferrari?

I’m sure you have come across this Ferrari joke before. Do read it again and have a good laugh. This joke is all about cutting expenses and investing the money to purchase some valuable item in the future. The typical, standard boring guideline anyone from the finance industry will talk about. On face value, the […]

Percentages vs Absolute?

When it comes to money, think in percentages, not in absolute terms. PoyoDuit Last year, during my “Taman” resident annual meeting, the management proposed to increase the monthly fee from RM100 to RM120. The reason given was due to an increase in security fee charges. Several residents agree with the price hike while a minority […]