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A Victim of Sunk-Cost Fallacy

“Patience is a product of confidence and trust.” — Peter Kaufman The only ally for long-term investment is time. For an investment to grow over time, investors require patience. And to be patient, investors need to have confidence and trust the investment will grow over the long term. Malaysia Equity Market In my opinion, confidence […]

Risk: Foreign Currency Effects on Foreign Investments Return

Below is my StashAway investment return on Friday, 23rd July 2021 denominated in US Dollars (USD). Total Investments (USD): $218.20Total Returns (USD)        :    -$2.61Current Value (USD)       : $215.59 As shown above, I’m currently making a loss of -$2.61 🙁 but what about my returns denominated in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)? Total Investments (MYR): RM901.00Total […]

Choosing Either Monthly Or Lump-Sum Investment

In my previous post, I shared how lump-sum and monthly recurring investments can produce different returns. In this post, I will explore further but this time I will flip the chart (as shown below) to simulate a market downtrend scenario. Negative Investment Returns As expected, the returns will be in negative territory. But do notice […]