Want vs Need?

I need water to quench my thirst. It differs from I want a lemonade to quench my thirst.

Nearly everyone wishes to be a millionaire. What does being a millionaire mean to you? Is it about having a million Ringgit to spend on the things you ever “want”? (Noticed I used the word “want” and not need. There is a difference between want and need.) Or is it about having a million Ringgit to be financially free?

Question 1

If the very first thought that pops in your head are images of a luxury lifestyle, such as owning luxury cars, properties, and designer clothing, then remember this, you are not a millionaire. You just own things worth a million Ringgit. Do you really need these items? How many times have we read news on jackpot winners losing everything in a matter of a few years?

Question 2

Now, do ponder on the second question. What does being financially free mean? Do I need to be a millionaire to be financially free? If yes, as a Malaysian, do I need a million Ringgit or a million USD to be considered as a millionaire? Is there a difference between the two? Does it really matter?

While meeting and communicating with others, the concept of a being millionaire differs from one person to another. For some, it is a goal they would like (want) to achieve, while there are some who hardly give any thought about it. They usually say something along the line “no point thinking about it when I can’t even make ends meet”.

My Opinion

The millionaire concept is simply an overused foreign term. It creates this illusion that by being a millionaire, we have a certain upper-class status within a society and we will finally be happy. To me, being a millionaire or not is irrelevant. All I care about is to be financially free. To be financially free, I need time. Time is one entity everyone seems to neglect. I’ll discuss this point about time more in my future postings.